Thursday, 23 August 2012


Bonda is a easy and authentic recipe , it doesnt need lots of ingredients. Sometimes when i want to make vada in auspicious days, it will not comes out well , during that time Ill jus add some pepper and curry leaves and make is it as bonda.

Ull Need :

1. Urud dhall - 2 cups
2. Greenchilly - 1
3. Pepper - 10 - 12
4. Curry leaves
5. Salt
6. Oil for frying

Method :

1. Soak Urud dhall in Hot water for 20 min.
2. Drain all the water and transfer it to a mixie jar.
3. Add salt and green chilly and grind well to a smooth paste.
4. Add water only if necessary. When u take a small portion it must drop like a ball,
5. Put this mixture in a bowl and mix it with pepper and chopped curry leaves.
6. Heat oil in a kadai.
7. Take a small portion from the mixture and drop it in the kadai.
8. You can take the mixture from the bowl with your hand or a spoon.
9. Turn both sides and fry till golden brown.
10. It will taste very good when served with Coconut chutney.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Birds Nest

This is another recipe which my son likes very much mainly due to its appearance and name. When you tell birds nest it will open your ears jus to know what this dish is all about, but its actually a easy and tasty dish .
It will be crunchy out side due to the semiya and soft inside due to the potatoes. The peas which is in the middle will look like eggs in the nest. This is a very attractive starter for a party and you can also have it as a snack.
Let do this interesting recipe.

Ull Need :

1. Potatoes - 3
2. Peas - 1 cup
3. Coriander - 1/2 cup
4. Pudina - 1/2 cup
5. Dhania powder - 1 tsp
6. Garam masala - 1tsp
7. Jeera powder -1 tsp
8. Finely chopped green chilly
9. Roasted Semiya - 1 cup
10. Maida Flour - 1 tbsp
11. Salt
12. Oil for frying

Method :

1. Boil peas seperately and drain the water.
2. Boil Potatoes in cooker and mash well.
3. Add Chopped Pudina and coriander, Dhania Jeera , Garam masala and mix well
4. Then add green chilly and salt mix evenly
5. Pinch out 2 small ball from the potato and make a hole in the center of 1 ball as shown in pic
6. Drop few peas and close it with the other ball.

7. Make three or four and keep it aside
8. Spread semiya in a plate 
9. Mix maida in water. 
10. Drop the ball in maida mixture and roll it over the semiya.
11. See to that the semiya ia covered fully on the ball.
12. Heat oil in a pan and fry these balls
13. Cut these balls in the middle.
14. It will be as if there are green eggs in a nest.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Bajra / Kambu Dosa

Bajra or Kambu is a millet gown in India which has a high nutritional value. Bajra is rich in iron,vit B, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin. It has same quantity of protein as wheat. Sometimes we used to have less dosa flour for making dosa. During that time I used to add some bhajra flour and little rice flour to the dosa flour and increase the quantity of dosa flour. All healthy items will be wasted by our kids so you can add the bajra flour to this to make it healthy and nutritious. You get ready made bajra flour in all departmental stores.

Ull Need : 

1. Bajra / Kambu Flour - 1cup
2. Rice flour - 1/4 cup
3. Left over Dosa flour
4. Salt
5. Oil
6. Onion

Method :

1. Mix Dosa flour, Bajra Flour and little rice flour for crispness.
2. Add little salt and onion if needed
3. Add water little by little and mix well without any lumps
4. The batter should not be very watery
5. You can add curry leaves also
6. Heat dosa pan and pour one laddle and spread like dosa.
7. Turn and cook the other side
8. Serve hot with Idli powder or Chutney.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Carrot Chutney

Today I had planned to make dosa for Breakfast, When I was thinking for some  sidesdish for these dosas , I remembered seeing carrot chutney in a cookery show. I had bought lots of carrots the previous day , so I planned to do this carrot chutney for dosas. This chutney became a hit in my house. My husband couldnt believe that the chutney was made with carrot.

Ull Need :

1. Carrot - 2
2. Urud dhall - 1 tblsp
3. Red chilies - 2 or 3
4. Tamarind - 1 small piece
5. Salt to taste
6. Oil - 2 tsp

Method :

1. Grate carrots in a grater and keep it aside
2. Heat oil in a pan and add urud dhall and red chillies
3. Once the dhall changes its colour ,transfer to a plate and allow it to cool.
4. Now in the same pan jus fry the grated carrotfor 2 min in the remaining oil
5. Add the tamarind give a mix and add it to the dhall
6. Once it cools add salt and grind it in a mixie.
7. Your carrot chutney is ready