Monday, 9 July 2012

Corn flour Halwa

One day our close family friend called me and told that they will come to our house in half an hour, but I did not have any sweet at home. There was not much time for me to make a sweet and I was not able to go out as both my kids were small. Suddenly I remembered that my mother in law used to make a halwa in jus 15 min. So I called her and asked the correct measurement and receptive of that halwa. It really came out well. Easiest and fastest sweet. You jus need corn flour at home. Our friend came and thought that it was pumpkin halwa from a sweet shop. And when I said it was made by me they were really shocked. Let me share the secret recipe with you.

     Ull need : 

Corn flour - 3 cups
Sugar - 3 cups
Water - 4 cups
Cashew - 4(cut into small pieces)
Badam - 4(cut into small pieces)
Kesari powder (or) Orange colour
Ghee - 3 spoons

    Method :

In a Kadai add a tsp of ghee and fry cashew and badam till golden brown and keep it aside
Take 3 cups of corn flour and Add kesari powder
Out of the 4cups of water take 3 cups of water and mix it with corn flour without any lumps.
Now in a Kadai add the left out 1cup of water and add the sugar and stir well The sugar should completely get dissolved.
Meanwhile take the tray in which you are going to pour the sweet and grease it with ghee
When there is no sugar granules add the corn flour mixture (Jus mix the corn flour before adding because corn flour tends to settle at the bottom)
Stir continnuously for jus jus 5 min Add cashew and badam to it and mix well for 5 more min.
When it becomes thick and starts becoming like a jelly(do not wait till it becomes like jelly)jus pour I the greased tray.
Do not keep the mixture for long time in the gas as if it is overcooked it will become like rubber.
That's all your Halwa is ready in jus 10 min without any vigorous and continues stirring. I am sure no one will believe if you say that this is a sweet made in 10 min.

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  1. nice one its like masqati dish