Thursday, 19 July 2012

Methi Parotta

A parotta or barotta, is a delight and common layered flat bread of Southern India and Bengal. This is not to be confused with the North Indian Paratha. It is prepared with Maida, and Oil/Ghee by beating the mixture into thin layers and later forming a round bread with the thin layers. Usually, parottas are relished with vegetable kuruma or Peas Masala. I have tried a new version in this parotta by adding Dry Methi Leaves. These leaves are rich in aroma. Whenever you add this to your dish it smells and tastes good too. This stays soft for longer time as we knead it with ghee, so this is a good lunch box recipe.

Ull Need:

1. All Purpose Flour (Maida) - 4 cup
2. Salt - 1tsp
3. Water - 1 cup
4. Dry Methi Leaves - 1 cup
5. Turmeric Powder - 1 cup
6. Ghee - 2 tsp (for Kneading)
7. Oil/Ghee - For shaping and toasting

Method :

1. Take a bowl and Mix Maida, salt, dry methi leaves, Turmeric powder and ghee
2. Add water and knead well. The dough must be very soft only then the parottas will turn soft.
3. Cover it with damp cloth or close it tightly for 15 min.
4. Take one portion and roll it as much as you can with a rolling pin, apply and spread oil and stretch it very thin . It might tear in some areas but its ok.
5. Sprinkle dry maida all over the stretched dough. This will help to form layers.
6. Now using both your hands fold just like making a paper fan. Start from one side and finsih on the other end.
7. Stretch it lengthwise and roll it tight so that the layers are visible. Repeat the process for rest of the dough and keep it aside.
8. Heat the tawa. Now take one rolled portion and roll with rolling pin in just one side. Do not turn like chapathi.
9. Make small disc and place it in the hot tawa.
10. Turn and Pour oil on both the sides and cook till you see nice brown spots.
11. Flame should be in Medium throughout the frying process.
12. Serve with veg Kurma or Peas Masala.

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  1. Delicious parathas...Loved the addition of Methi leaves.
    Thanks for linking