Saturday, 30 June 2012

Babycorn Veg Fried Rice

Here is another easy recipe which you can pack for lunch. These kinds of rice are always good as it contains both rice and vegetables and u can just eat with a sauce or raitha. I have added babycorn to this as my son likes babycorn and on seeing it atleast he'll eat and it will fill his stomach. U also get lots of baby corn nowadays which is removed from its hob , u jus need to cut it and boil it and its easy to cook too. Most of the dishes in our house will be less spicy as my kids will not eat if its very spicy , so you can add the spices as per your taste.

Serves 3

Ull Need :

  1. Basmathi Rice - 1 n half Cup
  2. Onion - 1 big
  3. Carrot - 1
  4. Beans -  5 or 6 
  5. Babycorn -  7 or 8
  6. Capsicum - 1 med
  7. Pudhina - Little
  8. Pepper powder - 2 tsp
  9. Salt for taste
  10. Dhania powder - 1 tsp (Optional)
  11. Soya sauce - 3 drops

For Seasoning :

  1. Cinnamon - 3 
  2. Cloves - 2
  3. Elachi - 1
  4. Jeera - 1 tsp
  5. Ginger Garlic paste
  6. Green chilly - 1 slit into long strips
  7. Oil
  8. Butter

Method : 

  1. Wash and Soak Basmathi Rice for Half n hour .
  2. Meanwhile cut all vegetables in small pieces (Onion, carrot, beans, capsicum)
  3. Cut babycorn into small round pieces or long thin strands.
  4. Heat a pan add 2 tablespoon oil , as it is for kids you can add 1 tsp Butter.
  5. When the butter melts add the sesonings one by one.
  6. Then add gingergarlic pate and greenchilly.
  7. Add Onion and fry well till it becomes soft and till raw smell goes.
  8. Now add beans,after a min add carrot and fry little
  9. Then add Babycorn and capsicum and mix them well
  10. Now add Pepper powder, Dhania powder, Salt and give a nice stir.
  11. Cut pudhina into small pieces and add it to the rice (this will give good flavour for your rice and its helpful for digestion also)  add 3 drops of soyasauce
  12. Wait for 2 min. Drain water from the rice and mix the rice and fry it for 1 min
  13. Now add water as per the rice measurement. For one cup of rice add 2 cup of water
  14. if you have 1 1/2 rice then add 3 cups of water.
  15. Pour this mixture to a cooker and cook for 3 whistles.
  16. When it cools remove the whistle and serve or pack for lunch with Onion Raitha or  Capsicum Raitha and sauce

Babycorn Veg Rice with Capsicum Raitha & Sauce

  • Add salt carefully. Generally these rice needs more salt as it is cooked with rice so you may need more salt
  • You can add salt and pepper as per your taste at end also.
  • You can add peas , it will taste even better

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha

Hello guys ,Back with my favourite recipe Aloo paratha. My son and me are fond of any kind of roti's and paratha's. Whenever I ask my son , what tiffin he wants he will immediately say chapathi. But he will not take it with sidedish , he will have cheese or butter. So I thought Ill make him stuffed chapathi's so that he can also have the nutrients of vegetables. The easiest Paratha is Aloo paratha. As we will mostly have Potato at home
U jus need to boil the potatoes. I also give this for his lunch because it stays soft for longer time .You know I was not able to make these stuffed paratha's before. One time stuffings will come out another time it will be torn or it will not be in round shape. But I did not leave it. I found out easy ways to make these parata's and now its perfect. Let me share it with you , so that u can also make these paratha's easily.

Aloo Paratha

Ull Need -
  1. Potatoes - 3 (med size)
  2. Wheat flour - 2 cups
  3. Dhania powder - 1 tsp
  4. Jeera powder - 1 tsp
  5. Turmeric Powder - 1 pinch
  6. Hing - 1 pinch
  7. Green chilly - 1
  8. Coriander - little
  9. Pudhina - little
  10. salt
  11. Ajwain / Omam - a pinch
  12. Oil / ghee for smearing
  13. Water for Kneeding       
Method :
  1. Cut Potatoes into cubes , put to a bowl and add water till the potatoes are immersed and cook it in cooker for 4 whistles till the potatoes are soft.
  2. In a bowl add Wheat Flour , salt, ajwain, and 1 tsp oil and mix well
  3. Now add water Little by little and make dough and keep it closed.
  4. The dough should neither be very soft nor very hard.
  5. After the cooker releases peel the potatoes and mash well with your hand.
  6. Now add salt, turmeric powder , Dhania and Jeera powder , little hing and mix well
  7. Cut green chilly , coriander and pudhina into very small bits and add it to the potato mixture.
  8. Make these into small balls.
  9. Now kneed the dough again and take a small ball. (This must be little bigger than the potato balls)
  10. Heat  the pan for making parathas
  11. Roll it into a small disc.
  12. Place the potato ball in center and jus press a little to flatten it.
  13. Now take the sides of the dough and bring it together so that there is no air gap between the dough and the potato mixture
  14. The excess mounted dough must be sealed (like our Pillayar kozhakattai).
  15. Now jus press a little, dust in the flour and roll as chapathi if you seal properly the mixture will not come out.(see below pics)
  16. Place the Paratha in the pan , when it becomes fluffy turn it.
  17. Smear oil / ghee all over the paratha on bothe sides.
  18. Do not keep the parathas in the pan for longer time as it will become hard
  19. Take it off once its done and apply Amul Salted butter on top and serve
  20. Your Yummy Parathas are ready to pack for lunch.

If you are packing for lunch , Keep the paratha in Hotpack for 10 - 15 min and then pack in the lunch box so that it will be soft for longer time.

See u with another interesting recipe....

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Rava Ladoo

Hi All ... This is my first recipe for this blog , so sentimentally I have decided to write about one of the popular sweet recipe in my house , Rava Ladoo. This is the easiest and my sons favorite sweet , jus because Chhota Bheem eats it. He will be watching Chhota Bheem Program in the TV , suddenly he'll come to me and ask for a Ladoo . At that time this Rava Ladoo comes handy. It stays for longer days ,and its healthy tooo. So I always keep stock of this....

Lets make this now...........

Ull Need:

  1. Chiroti Rava - 1 Cup
  2. Sugar (Powdered) -  1 n half Cup
  3. Elachi Powder - 1 Pinch
  4. Ghee - 100 Gms
  5. Cashew - 7 - 8 Nos


  1. Take a big plate and add Chiroti Rava and Sugar Powder and mix.
  2. Break Cashew into very small bits and fry in little ghee.
  3. u can even grind it coarse in a mixie.
  4. Fry it carefully as if it becomes black it will not spoil the taste of Ladoo.
  5. Add cashew and elachi powder to the rava mixture.
  6. Now in a kadai heat Ghee and when it hot pour it to the Rava mixture.
  7. Pour it in circular movement so that it spreads all over.
  8. Now mix it and hold it tight with your hands and make ladoos at your desired size.
  9. Do not worry it will not burn your hands.
  10. Your Ladoos are ready......


If you donot have ChirotiRava you can fry ordinary rava in a pan as our upma & powder it. 
If the rava and sugar quantity in more u can grind it in our mixie , if the qnty in less u can give to machine wala and grind it.

I will meet you again with another easy recipe . Bye for now ....