Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Homemade Chocolate

Many parents from our group pinged me in private for the recipe of the homemade chocolate.
Here it goes.......... This Tasted like Diary milk. Very easy choco sweet which can be made in just  10 mins and satisfy the kids chocolate craving sensation. Big hit at our home

Milk powder 200 gms
Sugar  3/4th cup to 1 cup
Cocoa powder 3 tblspoon
Butter  3 tblspoon (shoul be in room temperature, should not be hard)
Water 1/2 cup
Chopped nuts like Cashew or walnut or peanut


Mix dry Cocoa powder and milk powder. without any lumps in a bowl
Greese a plate with ghee and keep it ready to pour the sweet mixture
Heat a heavy bottom pan and add water and sugar.
Boil till you achieve one string consistency (to find this, put a drop of this mixture in a small cup of water, it should not get dissolved, it should settle and for a small ball).
Once it attains this consistency, put the butter and mix well.
Pour the cocoa mixture immediately after the butter melts.
Mix well, do not add excess water, it will look as if the water content is less.
Exactly after 2 min, pour the sweet mixture to the greesed plate and spread
after 5 mins jus draw markings with a knife or a pizza cutter
Allow it to cool completely and then remove it into pieces.
Canbe kept for more than 5 days when refrigirated..

Let me know your feedback after trying the same

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