Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Rava Ladoo

Hi All ... This is my first recipe for this blog , so sentimentally I have decided to write about one of the popular sweet recipe in my house , Rava Ladoo. This is the easiest and my sons favorite sweet , jus because Chhota Bheem eats it. He will be watching Chhota Bheem Program in the TV , suddenly he'll come to me and ask for a Ladoo . At that time this Rava Ladoo comes handy. It stays for longer days ,and its healthy tooo. So I always keep stock of this....

Lets make this now...........

Ull Need:

  1. Chiroti Rava - 1 Cup
  2. Sugar (Powdered) -  1 n half Cup
  3. Elachi Powder - 1 Pinch
  4. Ghee - 100 Gms
  5. Cashew - 7 - 8 Nos


  1. Take a big plate and add Chiroti Rava and Sugar Powder and mix.
  2. Break Cashew into very small bits and fry in little ghee.
  3. u can even grind it coarse in a mixie.
  4. Fry it carefully as if it becomes black it will not spoil the taste of Ladoo.
  5. Add cashew and elachi powder to the rava mixture.
  6. Now in a kadai heat Ghee and when it hot pour it to the Rava mixture.
  7. Pour it in circular movement so that it spreads all over.
  8. Now mix it and hold it tight with your hands and make ladoos at your desired size.
  9. Do not worry it will not burn your hands.
  10. Your Ladoos are ready......


If you donot have ChirotiRava you can fry ordinary rava in a pan as our upma & powder it. 
If the rava and sugar quantity in more u can grind it in our mixie , if the qnty in less u can give to machine wala and grind it.

I will meet you again with another easy recipe . Bye for now ....

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