Monday, 2 July 2012

Easy Veg Cheese Toast

It was a sunday morning and we did not have a drop of water in our apartment as there was some problem with the motor and we were waiting for the tanker to come. When I was thinking about our breakfast I saw that I had a bread loaf in my refrigerator , so my hubby told me to give Bread with Amul sheet cheese for my son and  he would get something for us from a hotel. When I went and saw the refrigirator ,there was no sheet cheese. when I asked my son he told he ate the cheese one by one , and I never knew that it was over. So I decided to use spread cheese , I thought I 'll add some basic vegies so that it would be filling for him. I had not tried this before U'll not believe , it came out very well that we cancelled our Hotel plan and we also took the same cheese toast for our Breakfast.

Serves - 2

Ull Need: 

  1. Brown Bread slices - 8
  2. Spread cheese
  3. Onion
  4. Tomato
  5. Capsicum
  6. Oregano (or) Italian seasoning (Optional)
  7. Ghee for Toasting

Method :

  1. Cut Onion ,Capsicum and Tomato into small pieces.
  2. Apply the cheese on one side of bread.
  3. Add vegetables all over the bread
  4. Top with little Itallian seasoning . If there is no seasoning you can add salt and pepper.
  5. Take another bread and apply cheese on one side and close the two breads tightly.
  6. You can eat this as Sandwich without toasting also.
  7. If you want a crispy one , heat a dosa pan, add little ghee and place one side of the bread
  8. Apply ghee on another side and turn the bread.
  9. Pat it and press it with the laddle so that the breads are stuffed nicely.
  10. Cut it into two triangles and serve hot with tomato sauce.
Yummy Cheese toast is ready without spending water.

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